Skull Enterprises

How We Did It

Air Cleaner Covers
Axle Caps
Belt Buckles
Derby Covers
Foot Pegs
Gas Cap Covers
Handle Bar Ends
Hitch Covers
Inspection Covers
Key Chains
Licens Plate Frames
Oil Gauge Mounts
Push Rod Clips
Rocker Covers
Rocker End Plug
Skull Shift Knobs
Strut Covers
Tank Plates
Timing Covers

New Real Skull
Motorcycle Headlight!
New Real Skull Motorcycle Headlight

Skull Enterprises

How does SKULLMAN do it you ask?

 Here is a brief description.

First, heat up that fire!  

 Second, pour the molten metal into the molds!


Third, When the molds cool off, you get the work ready to be polished.

Now for the finishing touches
SKULLMAN  in action at the drill press


The last step is to polish the pieces, and prepare them for shipping!

Enjoy your custom work by SKULLMAN!!!

How it's Made!

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